The International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting (INGSM) provides a forum for information exchange on all aspects from nuclear graphite, ranging from the development of future advanced reactor technology (high-temperature reactors, molten-salt reactors) to the treatment and disposal of irradiated graphite waste.

The 21st International Nuclear Graphite Specialist Meeting will take place in the city of Chicago, Illinois and is hosted by North Carolina State University (NCSU). The main themes of the INGSM-21 meeting are to explore the entire nuclear graphite life cycle and the technical issues related to the design, operation and decommissioning of graphite-moderated nuclear reactors.

It is the continuation of a series of annual conferences that started at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee, in 2000. The most recent editions were held in Vienna, Austria (2016),  Baltimore, Maryland, USA (2017), Shanghai, China (2018), and Bruges, Belgium (2019). The meeting is arranged in cooperation with the IAEA and is taking place under the auspices of the member of the IAEA Nuclear Graphite Knowledge Base.

Experts and students interested in participating are invited to submit an abstract in one of the following topics or any other topic that is related to nuclear graphite:

  • Advanced reactors
  • Irradiation effects
  • Thermo-mechanical properties
  • Thermal scattering
  • Theory, modeling, and simulations
  • Regulatory issues
  • Decommissioning and waste management